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Final rankings... [17 Dec 2011|06:26pm]
Here are the final rankings before TLC! Hooray. After this we reset so enjoy it Dolph Ziggler fans.

1. Dolph Ziggler
2. Zack Ryder
3. Wade Barrett
4. Cody Rhodes
5. Randy Orton
6. Daniel Bryan
7. CM Punk
8. Sheamus
9. Mark Henry
10. John Cena
11. Alberto Del Rio
12. The Miz
13. The Big Show
14. Alicia Fox
15. Natalya
16. Beth Phoenix
17. Jack Swagger
18. Vickie Guerrero
19. Ted DiBiase
20. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal and DiBiase knock Kofi out of the top 20. Kelly Kelly, Heath Slater, and Booker T are also floating around, all having almost broke into the top. Enjoy TLC people.
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New video... [21 Aug 2011|07:10pm]

Honor Thy Father

Mike Portnoy quits the band... [09 Sep 2010|12:50am]
 Mike Portnoy quit Dream Theater. This band was my favorite since I was in middle school and I've seen them live nearly ten times in those tenish years of fandom. Portnoy was not only the (awesome) drummer for this group but was also the face of the band. This, surprisingly, saddens me greatly. Dream Theater will not be the same without Portnoy, but I'm certainly not going to start listening to Avenged Sevenfold just to hear him. Disappointed...

In memory I bring you this drum solo Portnoy performed at a show in CT (which I was at)...it's pretty ballin...check it out. He IS the youngest drummer ever inducted into the drumming hall of fame..

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WOAH!!! [06 Sep 2010|09:23pm]
 I am back just in time for football season! What has been goin on with you guys? This video is for all of you!

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iTunes meme... [16 Jul 2010|09:35pm]
Using my iPod. Some of this (such as most played songs) are off from where they should be since I just got this iPod a few months ago so newer songs are more likely to pop up.

How many songs?

Love - 59
Hate - 10
Sex - 2
Death - 74
Life - 62
God - 49
Black - 135
White - 20
World - 36
Shit - 29
Hell - 37
Ass - 26
Fuck - 3

First 5 Artists

1. AC/DC
2. Aerosmith
3. Afroman
4. Alice Cooper
5. Alter Bridge

5 most played songs

1. "The Final Countdown" - Europe - 50 (this was due to a long drunk night with old friends)
2. "What's The Difference" - Dr. Dre - 28
3. "In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1" - Dream Theater - 28
4. "Prophets Of War" - Dream Theater - 26
5. "Hey Jude" - The Beatles - 25

5 longest songs (removing mixes, music podcasts and comedy performances)

1. "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" - Dream Theater (41:34)
2. "Octavarium" - Dream Theater (27:16)
3. "A Change Of Seasons (live)" - Dream Theater (24:34)
4. "The Odyssey" - Dream Theater (24:00)
5. "A Change of Seasons" - Dream Theater (23:09)

Artist you have most tracks by? Wasn't sure how to look this up but I'm going to assume it's Dream Theater.

How Many? 204

Total Songs? 2538

Total Time? 8 day 12 hours
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UFC 116 Superior Picks... [03 Jul 2010|03:08pm]
Honor Thy Father

Getting Ready for UFC 116... [03 Jul 2010|02:11am]
Visit please!

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Happy Cinco De Mayo! [05 May 2010|12:40pm]
Some pics of top guys in UFC putting their drunk faces on!

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Opening Day... [05 Apr 2010|11:28pm]
The Red Sox opened up Fenway and the baseball season with a win over the Yankees. The awesome part was that Neil Diamond sang "Sweet Caroline" live in the 8th inning for the first time ever, which is a Red Sox tradition. One of my coolest sports memories was my first time at Fenway singing the song. The Sox were getting blown out the whole game but were just coming off a back to back home run and 4 RBI inning. They then got three quick outs in the 8th and for the first time all night the crowd was jacked. "Sweet Caroline" came on in the mid of the 8th and the place was rocking with energy singing the song and jumping around. There are very few places in the world with the sports atmosphere of Fenway Park, and that little stadium is loud as balls every single night that song comes on and it always jacks me up. It gives me chills, and just watching Neil do it live on television during opening night gave me goosebumps. The video if you missed it...

Honor Thy Father

Help me LJ friends... [29 Jan 2010|12:23am]
I am creating a gaming blog (so I no longer clog up your friends lists with gaming nonsense)...but I need a creative name for it. Any ideas? Help with this would be FANTASTIC because I am not creative with names...which is why my LJ post titles always suck nuts.

So help a brother out!
Honor Thy Father

Mario Kart Wii... [19 Jan 2010|11:35pm]
I loved Mario Kart 64. It was one of my top five Nintendo 64 games and probably my favorite racing game of all time (I should mention I am not a huge fan of racing games and don’t play them very often). Mario Kart 64 required the perfect combination of skill and luck, and it had some great multiplayer game modes. I have played this game with my younger siblings, my friends, my co-workers, and my parents.

Since that game, my expectations for the future of the series were very high. I gave the original game, Super Mario Kart a shot, but quickly found it did not live up to the N64 version. This, however, was not very surprising due to the technological advancements seen in consoles between the SNES and the N64. It was a fun game, but did not have the gripping entertainment seen in its younger Nintendo brother.

While the SNES had an excuse, the Gamecube did not. I bought Double Dash on its release date as I was very intrigued with what changes in gameplay would be implimented when you had two characters per kart instead of one. What I found out is it did not add much for the better, but it did add a terrible co-op driving mode which made winning a race nearly impossible. This game was terribly disappointing. There were only two or three new memorable courses, and the one new feature worth speaking of was each racer having their own individualized weapon to attack others during races. This was a nifty feature that made it worth switching what character I used, something I never did in the other versions.

I was not going to give up on Mario Kart yet, however; next up was Mario Kart DS. This really added no new features. In fact, if anything, it eliminated some of the new additions in the series. The real draw of this game for me was online play. Multiplayer was very fun in Mario Kart 64 and I thought there would be no better way to play Mario Kart than online with some friends. The problem was that this was the lamest Mario Kart game in the series. Less characters, eliminated features, less karts, and boring tracks meant that multiplayer had to really hold up. It didn’t. Online play was dumbed down and laggy. I played a few races, but with poor matchmaking and no rankings, I was winning every race with ease and was quickly bored.

I gave this series one more chance. I still craved the feeling Mario Kart 64 gave me. I turned to the Wii. This game featured all the normal additions such as more characters, tracks, karts, and improved graphics. But where was the improved gameplay?

I worried that they would rely on the wiimote being the new gameplay. This did not appeal to me. It’s fantastic that technology allows me to move my controller to turn my kart, but the novelty wears off. I did try the wiimote and I really sucked. Because the wiimote is so light, and my car is not, I did not feel like I was driving. I felt out of control and frustrated. Luckily I was able to plug in my Gamecube controller and truly enjoy this game.

Mario Kart Wii is the best game since the N64. It is not as good as the N64 version. They stripped out every feature the gamecube added (including, unfortunately, the personalized attacks) and added more interesting gameplay mechanics. One such mechanic is the ability to stick close to your fellow races and ride their coattails for a speed boost. This can drastically change a race. It leads to many mini games of cat and mouse throughout the course. They balanced the game so new players could more easily take turns, but players who are more experienced and choose to do the extra work of powersliding for themselves get speed boosts. This balances the playing field while still giving the better players an advantage if they take on the extra challenge.  There are many new and memorable courses and many of these courses take advantage of another new mechanic, which involves shooting up curved walls (think of shooting up a half-pipe on a snowboard) to avoid obstacles and then boosting when you land on the way back down. They also have 16 old Mario Kart courses that they make slight changes to. It does just enough to reinvigorate interest in tracks I have played dozens of times. Of course, this game also adds the flash of being able to do tricks while you’re in the air off a jump and if you land them you get a speed boost. There are so many new mechanics that add to gameplay rather than take away or are a waste of time, it blows my mind.

This game is not without problems. If you don’t jump out to a quick lead, you often get stuck in the middle or back of the pack. Rare items seem to be less of a rarity in this game. You quickly will be spammed with the strongest items when stuck in a large group of racers making it very difficult to ever catch up. I’ve even lost a couple races I was leading all the way through because I was hit with three or four quick powerful and rare items without chance to recover.  These attacks would suddenly shoot me back to third or fourth place.

The online multiplayer still disappoints. This is becoming less and less of a surprise from Nintendo. When are they going to step up and try to compete with Microsoft and Sony with online multiplayer? Mario Kart and Smash Brothers could double sales with successful multiplayer options.

But local multiplayer is still there, and it is what it always was. One problem, battle mode is ruined. Battle mode involved players each having three balloons, and rather than racing, the goal was to hit opponents with items. When hit with an item you lost a balloon and the last person with at least one balloon left was the winner. Well in this game they turn it into a team battle, but your teammates are computers. Every balloon you destroy gets you a point, most points at the end of 2 minutes wins. My issue is that, far too often, the computers determined the outcome. In one game, I had destroyed three more balloons than my sister, but my sisters computer partners had done nearly 7 points better than my computer partners so she was declared the winner. I felt cheated and realized that this was a new take on battle mode that absolutely broke a game mode I had loved.

While Mario Kart Wii is not without it’s flaws, and is not as good as the N64 version, I would say it’s worth a purchase if you have friends to play with locally and some Gamecube or Wii classic controllers. This has potential to be a really fun party or family game night game, which is really what the Wii is all about for most people who own the system. But if you’re playing by yourself, go Ebay yourself a copy of the N64 version, that’s where the real fun lives.

Honor Thy Father

Day 18...Whatever tickles your fancy... [19 Jan 2010|12:34am]
I don't like these fancy tickling post. I think I said it in the last one, the reason for doing this is I don't know what to write about. This doesn't help me at all.

Lets see...

How about this, I'll give you two things.

First, you should text that 90999 number and write "Haiti" in the text to donate $10 to the Red Cross to help in Haiti. The $10 will get tacked onto your phone bill. It's a good thing to do if you can afford it and texting has made donating the easier than ever.

As a reward I present you with this amusing, however not 'lol' hilarious video I saw today.

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Mario Galaxy... [18 Jan 2010|01:09pm]

A Wii only recently came into my possession, and the first game on my “must play” list was Mario Galaxy. This was the first Wii game that got stellar reviews from critics and it looked like a new and interesting take on the 3D Mario 64 style world.

The one worry I had about this game was that I would get dizzy or sick from running around planets while the camera flips around and upside down.

If you haven’t seen this game in action…let me show you the reasoning behind why I was concerned.

Yeah it gets dizzying at points. The first few minutes of playing did nothing to dissuade me from my worries. I had to pause the game and look away to keep my brain from melting and leaking out of my ears. However after about a half hour, it was almost as if my brain had adjusted. I compare it to the first time I played a FPS with a dual stick controller rather than the N64 single stick (Goldeneye style). I spent most of the first 30 to 60 minutes spinning in circles and shooting the ceiling. Over time I improved, and now could never go back to the single stick gameplay.

Well I could certainly go back to gameplay that doesn’t involve planets spinning around and the camera flipping upside down all the time, but it no longer makes me ill, and does add to the experience. It adds to the experience because Nintendo uses the gravity and round worlds in fun ways they couldn’t do before on a flat area. This is exampled in the video above where you can run around the planet to guide a missile to break open a cage on the bottom side. You can also jump from planet to planet, using gravity, which leads to many interesting gravity based puzzles.

Bottom line, if you liked Mario 64, this is the next best Mario game available. It’s the closest a Mario game has come to Mario 64. This is difficult accomplishment since Mario 64 was the first game to show off the capabilities 3D gaming had for video games, but Mario Galaxy comes damn close.

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Day 17...An art piece... [16 Jan 2010|01:16pm]
Some stick figure art by my sister. It's a wonderful (and very lifelike) drawing of me being an angry gangster. Jigga wha!

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Day 16...A song that makes you cry... [14 Jan 2010|09:04pm]
This ones easy, "Hero of War" by Rise Against. Randomly downloaded this off of itunes as a freebie and by the end I was sobbing like a baby.

Honor Thy Father

Day 15...a fan fic... [13 Jan 2010|06:07pm]
So...I don't read nor write fan fiction. I don't get it. It has 0 appeal to me. Due to this, I decided the best thing to do here...was to search for the craziest fucking fan fic I could find. Join me on my journey...

First I simply googled fan fic...brought up a bunch of websites and I just went to the top one entitled fanfiction.net. It asked me to browse different sections of their fan fiction archive, so I selected cartoons, thinking that a tiny toons story would be a funny fan fic to discover.

I read through some ninja turtles stuff...became disturbed...left the site.

You're on your own livejournal.
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Day 14...A non fictional book... [12 Jan 2010|11:50pm]
A non fiction book I haven't discussed. Hard to pick...but I would recommend "Another Shot" by Joe Kita.

This is a book about the journalist Joe Kita (writer for Men's Health), who, at the age of 40, goes back and tries to do all of the things he never did in his youth. He tries out for his high school basketball team, he purchases the exact same car he had as his first car, and attempts to overcome his fears of height and lightning. It's an interesting and funny read about a guy going through his mid life crisis in an interesting way. Oh...I know the cover of this book screams (sports book), but only the trying out for his high school team is sports related.
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Fresh Ideas... [11 Jan 2010|05:45pm]
So for the New Year I decided I would write far more often about my gaming. I always have opinions and ideas about gaming and have been told by many that I should write this crap down. So, for every game that I beat, or at least finish playing because it wasn't worth completing, I will write about it. I know I have many different types of gamers here reading this, so I will inform you of the types of things I will be writing about so you can decide if you just wanna skip over this or maybe give it a look.

I like all types of games from RPG's to FPS's. If I had a console of choice it would be 360, however I own all current generation consoles and also have possession of a PS2 (which I almost never touch). Because of my 360 fondness I am FAR more likely to write about the games on that system, however I do have some old PS2 games in the wings, am currently playing Mario Galaxy and the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and am soon going to rent both the Uncharted games following all the rave reviews. At some point I hope everyone here has something to read that interests their gaming, because I really do play just about anything that comes across as remotely interesting.

That being said I'm surprised it's taken 11 days for me to complete a game this year. I've been playing a ton of Left 4 Dead 2 with my roommates (LAN party is the best way to play) and have been slowly grinding through Star Ocean: The Last Hope (I'm at the final boss!) which has taken nearly 45 hours of my life which I won't ever get back.

In between all of this, I have completed Hitman: Blood Money for the Xbox 360 (also on PC, Xbox, and PS2). I played this demo a long time ago and enjoyed it, but didn't pick it up until recently finding it in the bargain bin about a month ago. Since that time, a movie has been made about this series (and was horribly reviewed), which consists of 4 games. This game is the most recent and thusly, I assume, the most intuitive of the 4.

If you are unaware of what type of game this is, I would call it an open level stealth game. You are dropped into levels that are very non-linear with a contract to kill anywhere from 1 - 4 people without being killed. You only have a certain number of saves, limited resources, and little knowledge of the world you are entering. When you die the level either starts from where you saved or from the beginning. You cannot make mistakes and you cannot mess around because you will die quickly.

I should start off by saying that this game is NOT easy, but it is VERY rewarding. You accept missions and as you slowly work through them (and probably have died multiple times), you feel a sense of great accomplishment with every positive step you take towards your goal. When you accomplish your goal, you are given large sums of cash as reward. This money can be used towards upgrading weapons, getting better body armor, or speeding up your skills such as lock picking. With every mission you feel more dangerous.

And yes, you do get guns. But the shooting mechanics in this game are frustrating and difficult. Shooting your gun will almost always lead to guards running to your location to investigate the noise. Using your gun is truly a last resort option. Many areas you won't be able to stealthily carry your guns on you anyways, because of security checks. Most of the time it's just better to use your guns in the missions you know you'll need them. 

But that's what makes this game so difficult. Studying a security guards walking patterns and figuring out the best time to use your fiber wire to strangle him from behind. You then quickly change into the guards uniform and find a place to stash the body hoping not to get caught. It's a sudden and fast rush and it feels very nice when the deed is done.

That's also the problem with the game. This sort of stealth feels very stale. I've played this type of game many times, and while Hitman does everything very well, it doesn't do much differently. The controls are not always as responsive as I want them to be, and too many times I'm standing behind a guy and hit the 'kill him' button, and my Hitman stands there and does nothing but punch my target in the back of the head. Said target will then turn around and see me and freak out and warn all the guards and blow my cover and the mission is screwed...back to the beginning I go.

This game is rewarding, fun, and can be completed by anyone (not without frustration). The problem is that the game fucks me a little too often and the game really doesn't do much different from games I played 5 or 6 years ago. Definitely worth a play through if you find it in the bargain bin...but paying full price is too steep for a game that feels like it could have been done on the N64.
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Day 13...A fictional book... [11 Jan 2010|04:40pm]
I already posted some of my favorite books so I'm ASSUMING (while trying not to make an ass out of you and me), that I can just post any fictional book I want to here without it being a favorite of mine. This is difficult for me to do because I primarily read non-fiction...but this book is in my head since I just had conversation with a couple people about this book last night...

I haven't read the entire series...only this book...but I did thoroughly enjoy this read. It's a bite sized sci-fi comedy that creates and interesting, amusing world that I was able to blow through in just a couple short hours. Of course...I read this book before there was any movie or movie buzz. This caused me to be excited for the movie, which only disappointed. And no this isn't the typical "book is better than the movie" kind of thing because most of the time I'd rather the movie because I'm a lazy fuck. This movie, I think, was just not very good. It really missed on the humor of the book and eliminated parts of the story I really enjoyed. Oh well...the world keeps turning. But remember...as they said many times in the book...

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Day 12...Whatever tickles your fancy... [10 Jan 2010|10:04pm]
I think most of my friends list doesn't know of my love for MMA. In this spirit of sharing...I will now post a couple of my favorite all time fights and pics of my favorite fighters. This is only on my mind because there are WEC fights tonight and UFC fight tomorrow night. GO MAYNARD!

Things under cut due to...violence...Collapse )
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